Ay Mujer! papel picado for life's ceremonies - weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, fiestas, etc. 

MONARCAS MUERTOS papel picado panels- for altars, ofrendas

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Our MONARCAS MUERTOS papel picado panels are perfect for altars, ofrenda steps, wall hangings, table runners, event decorations, etc. We designed them to fit any application-- vertical, horizontal, or flat. The design symbolizes the return of our ancestors with the arrival of the Monarch butterflies. The center of the design depicts a popxcomitl copal burner & the smoke rising into scattered cempasichil marigold flowers.

Ships in 3-5 business days. Ships flat.

Each set includes (6) papel picado panels + (6) solid backing panels
Each panel is 7.25" x 18"


    All copyright, publishing and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. It is not permitted to duplicate, copy or cut this design without the artist's knowledge and consent. © Yreina Flores
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