Commission an Original Design

Looking for custom banners? See our listing here.

If you want something special and unique to you, contact us with your idea. We receive requests ranging from original flag designs to giant panels to decorate a Dia de Los Muertos Altar. We love pushing the traditional art of papel picado beyond the mass-produced. Maybe it's a papercut insert in your wedding invitations, a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your wedding altar, or a handcut art piece. Pricing for original work starts at $200 with bulk pricing given for multiple cuttings (when applicable).


Framable art piece, 4 layers of paper.

16"x20" Award Artwork [to be framed]. Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Bilingual Directors Association.


Yreina Flores Ortiz

Handcut piece for the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.

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