Ay Mujer! papel picado for life's ceremonies - weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, fiestas, etc. 

FIESTA FILETEADO custom color banners

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Modern papel picado in our original FIESTA FILETEADO designs. These Mexican decorative-cut banners are handcrafted in your custom paper colors, (see color palette above).

Production time: 5-7 business days

Sold in sets of 2 strands/banners.

Prices adjusted for quantity of banners.
Each banner is 16 ft. long / 5m, with (12) flags

▶ Ordering Instructions
Tell us in the 'Special Instructions' box during your checkout:
- Your color choice(s). Choose as many as you like, in any combination.
- Event date or date you need them by.

About our Fiesta Fileteado designs:
The two alternating designs' scrolling line work and intricate blossoms will fit just about any event. From engagement parties to Cinco de Mayo bar-b-ques and fiesta baby showers.

Inspired by the traditional art of Fileteado Porteño from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have long-admired this beautiful painting style; influenced by classic european architecture, engravings and ornamental prints, whimsically adapted to adorn everyday & utilitarian objects. In the local tradition, fileteadores painted everything from milk carts to busses, taxis and even houses!

This artwork is a mix of cultures and styles; a combination very similar to what we are doing with our modern papel picado in Ay Mujer! We are the product of many cultural influences as well, and it is our happiness to proudly embrace them all and make beautiful things. I am excited to offer our papel picado fileteado for your fiesta!

    All copyright, publishing and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. It is not permitted to duplicate, copy or cut this design without the artist's knowledge and consent. © Yreina Flores
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