Ay Mujer! papel picado for life's ceremonies - weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, fiestas, etc. 

LA CHINGONA , giclee fine art print of original papercut, signed

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Today, I will greet the sun as my relative
and give the morning my full attention.

I will say "I love you" into the mirror
and draw my eyeliner extra straight.

I will not call myself fat
because everything in my closet will look good on me.

I will rock my huge Latina hips
like the blessing they are.

Watch out! 
I might even wear heels.

Today, I will not hand out one unnecessary apology.
Today, I will be Chingona!

-Yreina Flores

This art print is inspired by my poem (above). An illustration that will bring a smile to your lips as you ready to face the day. 

Paper size: 8"x10"
Image size: 5"x7"

Ships: Sleeved in acetate, gift wrapped, and sandwiched between thick layers of protective cardboard. A copy of the poem is included.

Paper: Signed fine art giclee print on Somerset Velvet paper with the look and feel of heavy watercolor paper and rich, archival pigment inks.

All copyright, publishing and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. It is not permitted to duplicate, copy or cut this design without the artist's knowledge and consent. © Yreina Flores

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