Ay Mujer! papel picado for life's ceremonies - weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, fiestas, etc. 

Monarca - Monarch - felt pin

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Papel picado-inspired felt pin. Symbolic for immigrant rights and for our ancestors, during Dia de los Muertos. A perfect statement accessory for a graduation sash!

4" x 2.5"

In specific parts of Mexico, the Dia de los Muertos holiday season coincides with the autumn arrival of the mariposa -- monarch butterflies -- "Believed since ancient days to give flight to the spirit, the Monarch fly by the millions to Mexico from near and far. These winged creatures of transformation, [...] come at a time when Mexicans express their heartfelt fears, joys, sorrows and hopes [through Day of the Dead]. The mariposa magically remind all that life and death are cyclical, one forms the other. Just as butterflies are sure to return each year, families, friends and loved ones will meet again in Mexico." -- Susan Rodrigues

All rights reserved. © Yreina Flores

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