Ay Mujer! papel picado for life's ceremonies - weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, fiestas, etc. 

Marigold Cempasuchitl Flower Petal Confetti

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Our petal confetti is perfect for altars, ofrendas, and Coco-themed party decorations. With 12 different realistic petal designs. (we literally deconstructed a cempasuchitl flower and cut out the petal shapes).

Ready-made, ships fast!

  • Large package has 1,440 petals.
  • Small bags have approx. 300 petals and are made in a variety of colors, some including pink petals (pictured).


All copyright, publishing and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. It is not permitted to duplicate, copy or cut this design without the artist's knowledge and consent. © Yreina Flores
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